Monday, August 10, 2009

Tips for Gpt Sites

First of all remember that you should always give your real information. Be sure to set up a couple of different email addresses. Yahoo, Ymail, or Rocketmail works best. Be sure to use names, when you set these up. Always make sure to use different email addresses when completing each offer.

Second, after each offer it's best to clear your cookies. It will really help your offers go through. To clear your cookies, at the top of your browser click on "tools", then click on "Delete Browsing History", then click on "Clear Cookies". You can also download which is free and will also clear your cookies all you have to do once you download it, is run it after every couple of offers.

Third, it'll be a good idea to set up a free voice mail service to avoid the annoying calls from telemarketers from the offers you completed. A voicemail service redirects calls to a voicemail so you are not swamped with unwanted calls. Here is a link to one that I'm fimialiar with, it's free

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